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 Haftarah Parsha - Sept 8

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Beth Emet
Beth Emet

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Haftarah Parsha - Sept 8 Empty
PostSubject: Haftarah Parsha - Sept 8   Haftarah Parsha - Sept 8 EmptyThu Sep 06, 2007 9:55 pm

These are the haftarah portions to read with the Torah portions for this weeks parsha.

For Nitsavim

Isaiah 61:10--63:9

For Va'Yelech

Hoshea 14:2-10

Please use this thread to discuss the Haftarah portion.
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Haftarah Parsha - Sept 8 Empty
PostSubject: Comments on Chapter 61-62   Haftarah Parsha - Sept 8 EmptySat Sep 08, 2007 2:49 pm

Verse 10 speaks of a bridegroom wearing a 'festive turban'. I am
wondering if the dress in India stems from this from the B'nei Israel
that live there? see this picture

They say it is ancient costume. Was this taken from the priests 'uniform' ,
what is called a mitre in the KJV, but in the CJV a turban. A crown was
placed over this, the 'golden plate'. it brings to mind Zechariah 3.

In chapter 62 it speaks of Yerushalyim being given a new name by HaShem
and it being a glorious crown in the hand of Adonai. It goes on and on
in poetic language of a lover finally married to his true love. It
speaks of the fullfillment of the prophets about the time after the
final days.

This is such a wonderful chapter, it is no wonder that so many Messianic artists have choosen it to write songs about..

A few come to mind:

Marty Geotz - For Zions sake - 62:1

Ted Peirce - For Zion's sake I will not be silent - 62:1

Barry and Batya Seigal - On your walls O Jerusalem 62:6-7

Barry and Batya Segal - Go through the gates - 62:10

Paul Wilbur - Watchmen - 62:6

Marc Choppinski ( of Israel's Hope) Say to the Daughter of Zion 62:11

Kumee Oree ( unknown) 62:1
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Haftarah Parsha - Sept 8
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