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 Book of Enoch Scroll

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PostSubject: Book of Enoch Scroll   Book of Enoch Scroll EmptyFri Sep 07, 2007 5:23 pm

For those interested in this extra-biblical book, BAS has some updates.

The Book of Enoch

Quote :
The “Book of Enoch” (1 Enoch) is a collection of texts composed between about 350 B.C.E. and the turn of the era. It is the earliest extant example of an apocalyptic blend of Israelite prophetic and wisdom theologies best known from the Book of Daniel, and it witnesses the variety within Israelite religion in the Greco-Roman period.

Two myths shape the Book of Enoch. The first, related to Genesis 6:1–4,* ascribes the origins of evil to the rebellion of certain angels who mated with women and begat a race of giants that devastated the earth and whose demonic spirits continue to produce sin and misery. According to the second myth, Enoch (as said in Genesis 5:21–24) was taken to heaven, where he learned the secrets of the universe and of the coming judgment.

Discussion about the book itself can be done in this thread
Other discussion about the BAS article can be done here.
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Book of Enoch Scroll
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