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 Special - Holy Day reading - Akedah

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Special - Holy Day reading - Akedah Empty
PostSubject: Special - Holy Day reading - Akedah   Special - Holy Day reading - Akedah EmptyFri Sep 14, 2007 1:34 am

The Binding of Isaac - Genesis 22

Abraham was called upon to sacrifice his son whom he loved, his one and
only son. The New Covenant Scriptures use the exact same language to
speak of the sacrifice of Yeshua. G-d was sacrificing His one and only
Son (Psalm 2; John 1:14), whom He loved. And, just as Yeshua carried
the wooden beam for his execution, Isaac carried the wood that would be
used for his sacrifice. Many other parallels exist between the two
accounts. Most striking is that when Isaac asked about the animal for
the offering, Abraham responded that G-d Himself would provide the lamb
(Genesis 22:Cool. G-d indeed stopped Abraham from going through with the
sacrifice of Isaac and provided an animal substitute, but the animal
was a ram, not a lamb. Could Abraham's prophetic word have been
fulfilled, then, by Yeshua the "Lamb of G-d who takes away the sin of
the world" (John 1:29)?

Rabbinical tradition associates the left horn of the ram as the "first trump" and the right horn as the "last trump".
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Special - Holy Day reading - Akedah
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