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 Parasha 10 Mikketz ( at the end) Genesis 41:1 -- 44:17 Quiz

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Parasha 10 Mikketz ( at the end) Genesis 41:1 -- 44:17 Quiz Empty
PostSubject: Parasha 10 Mikketz ( at the end) Genesis 41:1 -- 44:17 Quiz   Parasha 10 Mikketz ( at the end) Genesis 41:1 -- 44:17 Quiz EmptyMon Dec 10, 2007 7:58 pm

Here are the questions from our 'trivia' game Smile

1. How many years after Pharaohs Birthday did he have the dream about the river?
2. When Pharaoh woke up the 1st time what had just happened in his dream?
3. Who was hung that had dreams in prison with Joseph, the Baker or the cup bearer?
4. What did Joseph do before appearing before Pharaoh when summoned to interpret his dream?
5. What was Joseph's Egyptian name and what did it mean?
6. Who was Joseph's father in law?
7. What was his occupation? ( Joseph's FIL)
8. How old was Joseph when he stood before Pharaoh?
9. What was the quantity of grain stored in the 7 plenteous years that is like the promise given to Abraham?
10.Name one of Josephs sons ( or both)

11.Who was Josephs firstborn?
12.What did his name mean? How was this similar to Moses sons?
13.How many sons of Israel went down to Egypt for grain the 1st time?
14 What was the first thing Joseph spoke to his brothers? ( it was a question)
15.What did he 1st accuse them of?
16. What did Joseph demand of them before giving them grain?
17. Joseph put his brothers in prison, T or F?
18. If so , how long was it?
19. On the 3rd day Joseph spoke something very prophetic to his brothers, what was it?
20. Who stayed behind while the other 9 went to get Benjamin?

21. What does his name mean and why do you think Joseph choose him?
22. 'What goes around comes around' how does this saying pertain to this parsha?
23. When the brothers found their money returned in their sacks, what did they say? And why did they attribute this to him?
24.When Jacob saw their money had been returned to them and heard their
stories of what transpired in Egypt he made a very solemn statement,
what was it?
25. What did Reuben promise to set his fathers heart as ease?
26. Jacob did not accept this offer but accepted another sons offer of responsibility, whose?
27.Name two of the gifts that Jacob sent to Joseph ( not knowing it was
he) with the brothers. ( there were six things mentioned, depending on
your translation).
28. When the brother s returned , Joseph ate with them at what time?
29. What animals did the brothers take to Egypt?
30. When they were brought into Josephs house what did they do 1st?

31. When Joseph arrived home, what did his brothers do?
32. What caused Joseph to leave them and go to his bedroom?
33. There was special seating at this meal, and three divisions, name them
34. What amazed the brothers about the seating arrangement?
35. What 'Special something' was put in Benjamin's pack?
36. What did Joseph use this for?
37. In their indignation 'they' promised what punishment could be taken on whomever's pack this was found, if it was?
38. Did Josephs' manager agree to this?
39 They return to the city and do something a third time , what was it?

1. 2 (41:1)
2. The lean cows had eaten the fat cows. ( 41:4)
3. The baker ( 41:10-13)
4. He shaved and changed his clothes (41:14)
5. Tzafnat-Pa'neach ( 41:45) The Rabbis follow the Aramaic translation
that understands his name to mean "Interpreter of hidden things". The
word Tzafnat is interpreted to come from the root of 'hidden' (like
Tzafun, the hidden piece of Matzah we eat at the Seder). Rashi points
out that pane'ach is a unique word in the Torah, and Ibn Ezra notes
that is one of the unusual 4-letter roots (most Hebrew roots have 3
letters). In modern Hebrew, the root pane'ach means to 'decipher.'

6.Potifera (41:45)
7. He was the priest of On, or Heliopolis (41:45)
8. 30 years old ( 41:46)
9. Joseph stored grain, in quantities like the sands of the seashore ( 41:49) and (22:17)
10. Ephraim and Manasseh ( 41: 50-52)
11. Manasseh (41:51)
12. Causing to forget ( 41:51)
13. Ten ( 42:3)
14. "Where are you from?" (42:7)
15. Spying out the land of Egypt and looking for its weaknesses (42:12)
16. That they should return with Benjamin to prove they weren't spies (42:15)
17. True (42:17)
18. Three days (42:18 )
19. 'Do what I say and stay alive, for I fear G-d" ( 42:18 )
20. Shimon ( Simeon) ( 42:24)
21. Means 'Hearing' like in the Shema, because the L-RD heard Leah's cries, 'He heard I am unloved' ( Gen 29:33)
22. They realized they were guilty concerning Joseph and restitution was
being paid back to them for what they had done to him. (42:21-22)
23. "What is this that G-d has done?" (42:28 )
24. " You have robbed me of my children!" ( 42:36)
25. " If I don't bring him back ( Benjamin), you can kill my own two sons." (42:37)
26. Judah- He promised to be responsible for his safety with his life (43:8 )
27. Depending on translations, healing balm, honey, aromatic gum, opium,
pistachios, almonds, or a little balm, honey,spices, myrrh, nuts and almonds (43:11)
28. Noon ( 43:16)
29. Donkeys ( 43:18, 42:26)
30 They were given water to wash their feet and their animals were fed ( 43:24)
31 They presented their gifts to him and bowed down before him ( 43:26)
32. He was torn at seeing Benjamin for the first time as an adult, it was
13 years since he has seen him and he was only a small boy then.(43:30)
33. Joseph ate separately, his brothers ate separately and the Egyptians also separately (43:32)
34. They were seated in birth order, the eldest first and the youngest last. (43:33)
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Parasha 10 Mikketz ( at the end) Genesis 41:1 -- 44:17 Quiz
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