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 Parasha Va'era Quiz questions

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PostSubject: Parasha Va'era Quiz questions   Parasha Va'era Quiz questions EmptyTue Jan 08, 2008 4:57 pm

Here are the questions I used on Shabbat

Va’era 14

Q. What does todays parsha title have in common with another one from B’resheet?
A. Parashah 4 is called Vayera meaning, ‘He appeared’, today’s form is ‘I appeared’

Q. What was the name that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob knew G-d by?
A. They knew him as El Shaddai

Q. What does El Shaddai mean?
A. It means G-d Almighty, but the hebrew word Shad means breast and it implies that Shaddai signifies one who nourishes, supplies, and satisfies. It is God as El who helps, but it is God as Shaddai who abundantly blesses with all manner of blessings.

Q. What covenant did He establish with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? And why does HaShem meantion it here?
A. The covenant for the land of Kanann 4

Q. What four things did HaShem tell Moses to tell the people he would do for them?
A. 1. I will free you from the slavery of the Egyptians
2. I will rescue you from their oppression
3. I will redeem you with an outstreatched arm and great judgements
4. I will take you as my people , and I will be your G-d.

Q. How are these related to what Messiah Yeshua did for us?
1. Freed from being slaves to sin
2. Took away our oppression from that burden of sin
3. Redeemed us by the tree by stretching out his arms and dying and great judgements fell on those who did it ( Yeshua uses this imagery to tell Kefa of his death john 21:18 ( someone read)
4. Yet to come, the marriage supper of the lamb.

Q. There is a bit of a sidenote that gives us the tribal heads and their offspring. Only the first three sons of Jacob are mentioned though. The ages of some of these members of the tribes are stated, who and why?
A. Levi – 137 - Levis’ second son K’hat – 133 – K’hat 1st son, Amram – 137 – Why? This is the geneology of Moshe and Aaron to trace their Levitical heritage.

Q. How many times did Moshe deny speaking to Pharoah to HaShem?
A 5 in the last parsha – 2 in this parsha total 7 times

Q. HaShem told Moshe that he had put him in the place of whom? And Aaron was to be what?
A. G-d, His prophet

Q. How old was Moshe and Aaron when they spoke to Pharoah? Why is this important?
A. Moshe was 80 and Aaron 83

Q What was the miracle G-d gave Aaron to perform before Pharaoh to make him believe he was sent by G-d? Why do you think G-d chose this?
A The rod into a snake.

Q. What did Aarons snake do to the court magicians snakes?
A. His snake ate all the others up, demonstrating that the G-d of Aaron and Moshe was much greater than their G-ds

Q. Who turned the Nile to blood?
A. Aaron did,

Q. but why does it say they both did?
A. Because Aaron was the prophet and Moses was like G0-d the power behind what Aaron did

Q. How many of the miracles that moshe and Aaron performed were the court magicians able to duplicate?
A. The rod into snake, the water into blood, the frogs but no lice, or after so 3 total

Q. After which miracle did Pharoah start to repent?
A. The second one, the frogs

Q. Since Pharoah seems to be repentant Moshe gave him the priveledge of nameing something, what?
A. the time he wanted the frogs to die, and this would prove to him that Moshes G-d was true G-d

Q. How did Aaron perform the next plague? And what was it?
A by striking the dust with his rod to bring up the lice

Q, What or who did the plague of lice effect?
A. The people and animals

Q. What did the magicians do this time?
A. They couldn’t produce the lice and told Pharoah this was the finger of G-d.

Q The next plague showed separation of some kind, what was it?
A The plaque of swarming insects were throughout Egypt except in Goshen, G-d displayed his favor on his people

Q. what did this 4th plague do to Pharoah, what did he tell Moshe?
A. He allowed him to go sacrifice but in the land of Egypt.

Q what was Moshe reply?
A, they couldn’t because it was an abomination to the Egyptians, they needed to remove themselve 3 days journey away.

Q.What was the next plaque and what or who did it effect?
A. The plaque on the cattle, horses, donkeys, camels and flocks, , but only those belonging to the Egyptians
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Parasha Va'era Quiz questions
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