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 New Resource from BAS

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New Resource from BAS Empty
PostSubject: New Resource from BAS   New Resource from BAS EmptyMon Jan 21, 2008 4:08 pm

Check it out, a new online free library at BAS ( Bible Archeology society)

Scroll to the bottom and fill in the form to receive a free issue of BAR magazine!

You can look up and preview any of the 1,000s of articles they have on line in this library. To read complete article you need to join for one year membership is $50 but check out some of the articles there.

I'm very excited to be able to tell you about the NEW BAS Library.

In my more than three decades at Biblical Archaeology Review, we've never brought out a tool so valuable--and so accessible--for delving into the history of Biblical peoples, the Bible itself, and the archaeology of the Bible lands.

The BAS Library is the most comprehensive resource for Biblical archaeology I think you'll find anywhere. It includes every word and every photograph published in the 34-year history of Biblical Archaeology Review. That's more than 5,500 fully searchable articles by the very best and the most controversial experts in the field. More than 17,500 images accompany the text and can be enlarged and printed (as can the articles).

come check it out; the BAS Library is FREE to search and preview! Just click on whatever interests you and start exploring!

Yet the BAS Library has even more to it than that. For critical interpretation of the text of the Bible, the entire 20-year run of Bible Review (1985-2005) magazine is included. Archaeology Odyssey (1998-2006) in its entirety, providing special emphasis on classical archaeology, is part of the package as well.

We've also included the full text of Ancient Israel, the most widely used account of ancient Israel by high schools and colleges throughout the world. There are four additional books published by BAS based onthe Smithsonian lecture series as well.

Because there's such a wealth of knowledge encompassed herein, we've created some valuable shortcuts. We have put together special collections on hot topics. These will change as new, exciting developments in the
world of biblical archaeology come to light. We also have developed a section of popular topics. Browsing these can provide a convenient point of access to a cross-section of our content, and a jumping off point to a
myriad of other discoveries.

To find information in the BAS Library, a search can be narrowed to one publication or span the entire collection. Biblical citations automatically link to the Revised Standard Version of the bible. Images can be expanded with a simple click, and the caption will appear beneath.

The BAS Library is a phenomenal research tool. Whether for religion, archaeology, anthropology, history, or other related fields, the BAS Library provides great depth and breadth. It can be a starting point for a research project, a source of support--or disagreement! --a thesis or a source of
related material.

For BAR readers, the BAS Library provides an opportunity to explore material from the magazine in greater depth. Look into theories that may be discredited by a brand new find. Figure out where the new hypothesis fits into the ever-ongoing discussion that is the lifeblood of Biblical archaeology. Or wander off on a tangent, exploring ideas that are evoked by the magazine but are not actually examined in depth in the current issue.

For ministers, pastors, and rabbis, the BAS Library is an excellent resource as well. Need material for a sermon? There's no week's Bible reading that hasn't been covered in one form or another through BAR or Bible Review.

Obviously, I'm very excited about the launch of the NEW BAS Library. Even though I have been here from the beginning, and worked to publish most of this content, I'm awed by the size and scope of what we were able to bring together in one single resource.

I hope you'll take this opportunity to browse the NEW BAS Library and decide if it will be as valuable for you as I believe it will.


Susan Laden
Publisher, Biblical Archaeology

P.S. I'm sure I haven't even scratched the surface of the many ways to take advantage of this vast resource. I look forward to hearing from you about new and different ways to use
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New Resource from BAS
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