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 Parasha Sh'mini week ending March 29 2008

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Parasha Sh'mini  week ending March 29 2008 Empty
PostSubject: Parasha Sh'mini week ending March 29 2008   Parasha Sh'mini  week ending March 29 2008 EmptySat Apr 05, 2008 3:05 am

Here is an interesting link to this past weeks parasha.

"That You May Teach the Children of Israel"

In our Parashah, after relating the story of the deaths of Nadav
and Avihu, the Lord instructed Aaron as follows: "Do not
drink wine or strong drink, you and your sons with you, when you
enter the Tent of Meeting, lest you die. It shall be a statute
forever throughout your generations, that you may differentiate
between the holy and the profane, between the unclean and the
clean, and that you may teach the Children of Israel all
the statutes which the Lord has spoken to them through Moses"
(Lev. 10:9-11).
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Parasha Sh'mini week ending March 29 2008
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